We’re a family-run catering company specializing in high quality events and niche catering contracts. Since 1999 we started, we’ve become recognized as one of Cyprus caterers.

Karanikkis Catering Services provide services for corporate events, weddings and parties, with an emphasis on quality products. 

Our reputation is founded (more than 20 years) and now is MASS production chain and catering with the excellence of our food, the creativity of our events and the outstanding service our staff provide. A broad range of private and corporate clients come back to us for our ability to delight and surprise their guests year after year with fabulous food and drink. 

Style and innovation are the cornerstones of what we do and our talented team are experts at elevating every occasion into something really special.

It is a Connect policy to ensure all staff and chefs are trained to advanced hygiene, while chefs also receive regular training in new food trends and healthy eating, in an attempt to ensure menus and food are always interesting and nutritious.

Karanikkis Catering Services manages to have the ISO 220002005 certificate, is a Food Safety Management System (FSMS).  It is one of the highest certifications given to a catering company and we have successfully implemented the stringent regulations required for this certification.

We built mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, staff and suppliers, through integrity, innovation and professionalism. We promise to listen, create, cook and crucially, be tasteful.